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About Gothic

Welcome to Gothic Professional Body Piercing.  Gothic has been in business since 1994.   Along with performing professional body piercing we carry a full line of jewelery,  accessories, and aftercare products.  Our piercing technicians  are fiendly and highly knowledgeable about all aspects of piercing.  They can answer all of your pre and post piercing questions.   Our facilities are clean and set up for especially for body piercing.

Two years ago I got an Industrial piercing at Gothic in Campbell. I love my piercing... they did it well, told me how to take care of it, and it never got infected. quote   Molly S. 

On this  site you will find lots of information about body piercing collected over the years.  We encourage you to read the material and call the shop directly if you have any  questions. 

Contact Info 

Phone:  (408) 298-2091      

email:  gothic@deuce.com

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Location  - We have recently moved

Gothic is now located in downtown San Jose on
Race Street two blocks off  The Alameda

106 Race Street

San Jose, CA 95126   (Click for Map)


Mon by appointment only
Tue 10 - 5
Wed - Sat 10 - 7
Sun Closed

Piercee's Bill Of Rights  

Every person being pierced has the right . . .
  • To be pierced in a scrupulously hygienic, open environment, by a clean, conscientious piercer wearing a fresh pair of disposable latex gloves.
  • To a sober, friendly, calm, and knowledgeable piercer, who will guide them through their piercing experience with confidence and assurance. 
  • To the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their piercer knows and practices the very highest standards of sterilization and hygiene. 
  • To be pierced with a brand-new, completely sterilized needle, which is immediately disposed of or resterilized in an autoclave prior to use on anyone else. 
  • To know that ear-piercing guns are NEVER appropriate, and are often dangerous, when used on anything other then ear lobes. 
  • To be fitted only with jewelry which is appropriately sized, safe in material, design, and construction, and which best promotes healing. Gold-plated, gold filled, and sterling jewelry are never appropriate for any new or unhealed piercing. 
  • To be fully informed about proper aftercare, and to have continuing access to their piercer for consultation and assistance with all their piercing-related questions.
A public service message from Gothic and the Association of Professional Piercers. If you cannot make it to Gothic for your piercing, make sure that you still get the safe, responsible, and professional piercing experience you deserve.