$10 OFF body piercing*
One coupon per person
*Some restrictions apply

Price List

Brow $45 includes captive ring or curved barbell
Earlobe $25 and up includes captive ring 
Earl $60 includes barbell
Frenulum $60
Genital* $90 and up (Ampallang, Dydoe, Apadravya, Frenum, Clit, Clitoris, Guiche, Labia, Prince Albert, Scrotum).  Includes jewelery.   *Please call for appointment.
Labret $50 includes stud (stainless or titanium)
Lip $50 includes captive ring 
Monroe $50 includes stud
Navel $50 - $60 depending on jewelery
Nipple $40 - $50 $50 for one.  $40 each for both at same time
Nostril $45 - $55 includes stud or hoop
Septum $60 includes circular barbell
Tongue $50 includes barbell
Tragus $45 and up includes captive ring
Call Gothic can peform specialty piercings.  Please call to discuss.